The magic of Cyprus in May

What does May bring to Cyprus? Take a look at those sunny days and you’ll be amazed at the instant change from the somewhat deceiving warmth of the early spring to the genuine heat of the summer.

Be aware of the possible temperature drop in the evenings, it’s quite frequent during the first days of the month. The good news is, it will be by no means long-lasting. By mid-month there will be a significant reduction of rainfall which will provide a relatively warm sea. At the same time, you won’t have to suffer from the bothersome heat of the summer which can be nearly impossible to endure.

All of this creates favorable conditions for the local nature. Its blossom is so spectacular it will probably leave you speechless. Sightseeing is especially enjoyable these days since it’s difficult to come up with a more impressive background for the wonders of the ‘frozen’ history. And those wonders are indeed worthy of a special attention, even more so that it can be given without any efforts on your part – just enjoy the world around you and treat your lungs to the divine fresh air. Hiking, camping, climbing the mountain – there are plenty of those exquisite activities for every taste.

Despite the fact that there is only one official holiday in May – Labor Day – you’ll have no problems finding a suitable entertainment for the day. For example you can visit Flower Festival (or Anthestiria) which is held in such touristy places as Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol. Among numerous Cyprus festivals this one takes a special place. It doesn’t only symbolize the long-expected return of the spring, but also becomes a convenient outlet for the ever-flowing creativity. Florists, artists, musicians – everyone would find a place for themselves. Just try it, and you’ll dive into the sea of infinite possibilities.

If your passion lies with the art of movement, you’d be delighted to visit the European Dance Festival in Limassol. The program isn’t restricted to dancing alone, it also includes the magnificent circus troupes with the breathtaking stunts which you can observe right from the street.

Cyprus will definitely surprise you with the most unparalleled welcome, so be ready for some serious excitement along with the strong foretaste of the upcoming summer.

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