Big Cyprus Wedding: how to make magical vows

Cyprus is a magical place. One quick look at it would be enough of a proof should anyone have any doubts. But is it enough to make the place into a legend?

One would think that there are stronger powers at play – and there indeed are. Just the mention of Cyprus conjures up images of the beautiful goddess of love who brings the undying beauty to the world. The birthplace of Aphrodite isn’t just a picturesque location, but a sacred one as well. It’s believed that those who’re wedded there will be forever protected against the evil forces and harmony will never leave their home. However, before rushing to your happily ever after, consider some important details.

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Cyprus, you can only enter into marriage in the territory of the following locations: Protaras, Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paralimni and Nicosia. The wedding ceremony can be held any day of the work-week (Monday through Friday) provided it’s not an official holiday.

If you’ve already chosen the city and the date but are still unsure about the exact location, there are numerous possibilities to choose from, for both local residents and tourists.

How to plan a wedding?

  • The Hotel Wedding. This option doesn’t seem the most obvious one, to put it mildly. However, you’d be surprised to learn that this type of wedding is rather highly sought-after. In some hotels there are luxurious double-bed rooms in excellent condition, not to mention fully-equipped chapels and rather generous gifts from the hotel should you decide to opt for ‘the most unorthodox choice’.
  • The Marquee Wedding. Do you want to connect with nature in the closest way possible? If this idea looks appealing to you, try the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, then add some golden sand and spice it up with exquisite flowers and live music to create a truly unforgettable impression.
  • The Homey Wedding. If you want your wedding to have a homey feel but without keeping it on a cheap side, you can rent a villa. Cyprus offers you a wide variety of options, from relatively small cozy cottages for the ‘only family’ gatherings to ‘palaces’ with the ability of accommodating about 100 guests. You only have to say what’s on your mind, Cyprus will take care of the rest.
  • The Museum Wedding. This one could probably rival with The Hotel Wedding in terms of singularity. Folk Art Museum in Deryneia offers you a spectacular range of antiquities a real heaven for those who have ever dreamt of going back a few hundreds of years and discovering their inner romantic in the process. A rich display of exhibitions will most likely leave you speechless from the sheer magnificence of it, not to mention the charming jasmine bushes that will impress even those who aren’t usually into history and just wish to enjoy a nice view. If your event needs an exotic touch, you can rent special wedding outfits and make a use of a small chapel
  • The Beach Wedding. If you wish to have a particularly carefree wedding with the gentle sunlight on your skin and the golden sand beneath your feet, this option would be perfect for you. The majority of Cyprus beaches are fully equipped for holding a decent ceremony that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. You will be provided with high-quality food from local restaurants (you can either choose the traditional Cyprus cuisine to fully appreciate the peculiarities of that magical island or go for more exotic stuff, the variety of options is overwhelming). Finding the suitable entertainment won’t be a hardship as well since Cyprus beaches are known for their rich entertainment. Start by sending invitations to your guests and we will take care of the rest.

With us you can be sure that your wedding will turn into an unforgettable occurrence filled with joy and sweet foretaste of a happy life.

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