Investment in property

Real estate is definitely one of your best bets among investment options.

Nowadays real estate market presents a lot of housing choices, both for personal use and investments. That’s why it is essential to be aware of the existing pitfalls and the policy of the investing in general.

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The magic of Cyprus in May

What does May bring to Cyprus? Take a look at those sunny days and you’ll be amazed at the instant change from the somewhat deceiving warmth of the early spring to the genuine heat of the summer.

Be aware of the possible temperature drop in the evenings, it’s quite frequent during the first days of the month. The good news is, it will be by no means long-lasting. By mid-month there will be a significant reduction of rainfall which will provide a relatively warm sea.

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Make your life an endless summer!

So, how does one acquire a sea view apartment? How difficult will it be if you’re not an EU citizen?

Putting all the cards on the table, it’s quite manageable. It doesn’t really matter what your citizenship is, you still have the means to buy property on Cyprus. However, one should be aware of the fact that should this property be situated outside the city, it must not exceed 40 hectares.

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Paphos Beaches - Пляжи Пафоса

Paphos Beaches

The city of Paphos has a plenty of well-developed beaches and insfrastructure located in the city itself and in all its upskirts. You can be sure that you’ll find the proper one. Situated in Coral Bay, within the distance of ten kilometers from the city centre, Paphos offers you a significant variety of beaches with…

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Big Cyprus Wedding: how to make magical vows

Cyprus is a magical place. One quick look at it would be enough of a proof should anyone have any doubts. But is it enough to make the place into a legend?

One would think that there are stronger powers at play – and there indeed are. Just the mention of Cyprus conjures up images of the beautiful goddess of love who brings the undying beauty to the world.

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Cyprus – a quiet haven for tourism

What is Cyprus? One quick glance at the map would be enough to make a memorable impression.

This is what we call a big island, 9000 square kilometers, the Mediterranean’s third largest – definitely a worthy sight. If you decide to take a trip to this magnificent place, you will be even more surprised because a ‘close-up’ variant seems even bigger due to the diversity of landscape. However – provided you’re in the mood – it’d take no more than a day to fully explore the richness of this ‘continent’.

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