Cyprus – a quiet haven for tourism

What is Cyprus? One quick glance at the map would be enough to make a memorable impression.

This is what we call a big island, 9000 square kilometers, the Mediterranean’s third largest – definitely a worthy sight. If you decide to take a trip to this magnificent place, you will be even more surprised because a ‘close-up’ variant seems even bigger due to the diversity of landscape. However – provided you’re in the mood – it’d take no more than a day to fully explore the richness of this ‘continent’.

The unique touch is also prominent in the creation of mentality of Cypriots. Their cheerful and active attitude makes them especially welcoming and easy to get along with, not to mention eager to help should you require some assistance.

If you arrive in Cyprus by air, you’ll notice the sudden, as if magical disappearance of clouds. If you turn on TV and listen to a bit of weather forecast, you’ll hear the same thing – there may be bad weather all over the world but Cyprus would remain sunny and warm. Summers are rather hot, an average maximum of temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, in winters it’s about 17 degrees.

Fantastic climate, a wide variety of spectacular views within a walking distance – what is more to be desired? Skiing at morning, waterskiing at noon for sport-lovers, green olives for those who are not afraid of trying new things, and small red mullet with fried potato for those who prefer a more traditional approach. Then, why not wash it all down with a good glass of ice-cold beer?


Finally one is faced with the question, “What kind of place do I choose?” From Polis and Paphos in the west to Limassol and Larnaca in the south, and finally Ayia-Napa and Protaras in the east – that’s a wide range of possibilities. You can stay in the first-class luxurious villas which are known for their perfect location and breathtaking views, or in a cozy flat in a self-catering apartment complex. If you prefer more rustic surroundings, you can choose a small rural house.


Wherever you are, the nature is always close. It doesn’t really matter if you’re an expert or a novice – you’ll still get unique experience of discovering new species of flora and fauna along the way, including ones you’ve never seen before. Get even a closer look at nature by joining a tour or taking up a bike ride – those activities are available year-round, so you’ll never be bored.

The very appearance of Cyprus is kind of a lucky coincidence. It has to do with the movements of African and Asian tectonic plates – the event which took place a million years ago. That’s also the very time to which we attribute the possible birth date of Aphrodite, the most ancient Greece goddess who is believed to have risen from the foam near the Paphos coast. It’s also believed that to get a good fortune one has to pay respects to her by visiting the place.

The echoes of the ancient world are also evident in the way Cypriots handle droughts. When those difficult times strike, prayers can often be heard in which the leading voice usually belongs to the head of the church. However, the reliance on the prayers is by no means absolute – government also takes drastic measures to prevent disastrous consequences.

Nearly 100 dams throughout the island are storing water by blocking the rivers and streams. Should you happen to be a keen fisherman, we’d be glad to welcome you to our fishermen community which is always up for catching a good trout or a carp. The fish are biting all year round, so you’ll always have stuff to do.

Ancient Cyprus

Every town has an archeological museum, but with Cyprus it’s a bit different since it’s so full of antiquities that it itself makes a museum. People from all over the island just can’t stop running into ancient graves in the most uncommon places. The grimness of this example is somewhat lightened by the fact that old traditions can take more pleasant forms, such as pottery, the creation of mosaics which are reminiscent of the already existing Roman mosaics in Paphos. All in all, 17 centuries of Byzantine art count for much more than a number of museum objects, ready to be dusted off and shown to the visitors – for locals it’s a way of life.

10 churches and 3 archeological sites have been placed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The 16th century gave a life to the Venetian Walls of Nicosia, a substitution for a more ancient variant of Middle Ages. One also shouldn’t forget about the famous Limassol Castle where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre who was later crowned Queen of England. Kolossi Castle is especially famous for its production of legendary Commandaria, a particularly sweet wine, which is also the oldest wine in the world. If you deem yourself a wine connoisseur, you could visit Limassol Wine Festival. The first 10 days of September turn into a real feast where the most delicious tastes are generously presented for your pleasure. All kinds of experiences are available – you can even try stomping on the grapes to get the impression of how it’s done.

Of course it’s not the only reason why so many people choose Cyprus as their vacation destination. Conveniently, it’s also a great workplace. Do you need to hold an urgent conference? Finding room is no problem at all, since every one of Cyrous hotels, both small and big, has a great supply of fully equipped apartments. If your event is of a particularly official nature, consider making use of the modern and spacious conference center in Nicosia. Cyprus country code is +357. The time difference with London Standard Time is minus 2 hours.

It’s not possible not to mention 2 magnificent marinas in Cyprus, the third one in Potima Bay is already on its way, so the view is promising to be most spectacular. Sport lovers would be delighted to learn that there are numerous football grounds which are constantly used by the professional teams from other countries that suffer from bad weather conditions. If you’re fond of speed and cars, you’d probably be the first in line to attend the famous Cyprus Rally – and after you’ve had your share of adrenaline, why not to make a good use of a world-class golf-course? You’ll also have no difficulties finding entertainment – rich Cyprus nightlife will blind you with the overwhelming number of glittering clubs and leave not even a second for boredom.

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